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ADMI 2008 :: Awards
Several awards were given for the oral and poster presentations. Presentation of the awards and certificates was presided over by Dr. Robert Willis, ADMI President and Dr. Lawrence Oliver, ADMI Ex-Officio. Dr. Linda Hayden also presented awards and certificates to those students in the NSF CI-Team Project.
ADMI President's Gavel
Andrea Lawrence Award
Incoming ADMI president, Robert Willis, receives the presidents gavel from outgoing president Andrea Lawrence.
Andrea Lawrence receives award for her years of service from ADMI president Robert Willis.
CReSIS Awardees
CI-Team Awardees
Tiwana Walton, Wanda-Marie Carey, Jamika Baltrop, DeMarcus Thomas, Marcus Winn, Alvin McClerkin, Benjamin Harvey, Chanelle Green, LaTorria Jones, Michael Robertson, Edward Jordan II, Michaelyn Jackson, Ryan Folks, Travis Brenham, Kevin Lawrence, Rodney DuBose, Dr. Linda Hayden, Principal Investigator

Oral Presentations
1st Place: Certificate + $100
DeMarcus Thomas, Mississippi Valley State University Implementing E-mail Alerts to the GCC Temperature Monitoring Program

2nd place: Certificate + $75
Marcus Winn, Mississippi Valley State University Implementing Checklists in Electronic form using the Control Room Logbook

3rd place TIE : Certificate + $50
William Thomas, Winston Salem State University Topic Maps and Semantic Webbing for Virtual Art Gallery

Chanelle Green,Spelman College, GPU Implementation of Scientific Computation Applications Spelman College

Poster Presentations
1st place : Certificate + $75
Carolyn Smith, Norfolk State University The Untraceable Packet: A Study of Distributive Denial of Service Attacks

2nd place: Certificate + $50
Omari Dennis, Norfolk State University
Real-Time Graphical Translation of Natural Language

3rd Place : Certificate + $25
Jason Bernier, Christopher Queen, Carl Arrington, Hampton University Developing a Web-Based Application to Visually Represent Satellite Data

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