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On February 8-10, 2007 the Association of Computer and Information Science/Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI) hosted a symposium in Atlanta, Georgia. Devoted to computing issues relevant to minority students, education and institutions the theme of this year's symposium was Computing: Innovation Without Boundaries. The symposium highlighted undergraduate and graduate research and tackled the issue of broadening participation in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.

Participants from Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) included Dr. Linda Hayden, Unquiea Wade, Bryce Carmichael, and Gregory Brown. Bryce made an oral presentation on his research from the University of Kansas titled "The Developement and Assimilation of Robots Using a 3d Animation Program for the Antarctic and Greenland Coast to Help Detect Global Warming". Unquiea delivered a poster presentation from her research at the University of Kansas titled "Airborne Measurement of Snow Thickness Over Sea Ice". Gregory's poster presentation documented his academic year research at ECSU and was titled "Using Passive Network Discovery to Fingerprint Vulnerabilities within Ethernet Broadcast Frames".

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