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* Assistant Professor of Geography
* B.S., Geological Sciences, The Ohio State University, June 1995
* M.A., Geography, The Ohio State University, June 2000
* Ph.D, Philosophy-Geography, Minor: Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis, University of Arizona, expected June 2005

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My research is concerned with cryosphere processes on the inter-annual, annual to decadal scales. I have been interested in the use of remote sensing to characterizing changes in ice sheet surface process in Greenland, atmosphere-ice shelf surface energy exchange for Antarctic ice shelf stability.

Antarctic Ice Shelves play a major role in the stability of the ice sheet. Their potential disintegration would seriously affect the discharge rate of grounded ice from inland regions. Ice shelf instability has been linked to persistent melt and the formation of pond assemblages. The weight of the water column in ponds prevents crevasses from closing up so they can vertically penetrate the ice shelf. Investigating spatio-temporal variations of ice shelf surface energy balance at moderate scales ranging between tens of meters to kilometers would greatly enhance detection and long-term monitoring of the onset, duration, and magnitude of vigorous melt dynamics. Currently, automatic weather station (AWS) units are deployed in remote regions throughout Antarctica. AWS units measure air temperature, wind speed and direction, air pressure, relative humidity. By deploying a distributed network of mobile, wireless sensors instruments as described in this distinguished lecture, micrometeorological data could be provided at adaptive moderate spatial scales, as well as augment existing AWS network.

Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER)
NSF CI-Team Award # OCI-0636361

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