Dr. Geoffrey Fox
Director of Community Grids Laboratory; Pervasive Technology Laboratories at Indiana University
"Implementation of a Polar Science TeraGrid Gateway for SAR and other CReSIS Data Sets"
IEEE-GRSS Chapter Meeting and Reception will follow the Distingished Lecture
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Dr. Geoffrey FoxDr. Fox has worked in a variety of applied computer science fields with his work on computational physics evolving into contributions to parallel computing initially involving the hypercube architecture. Publications 9) and 10) represent significant broad contributions to parallel computing. He has led activities to develop prototype high performance Java and Fortran compilers and their runtime support. He helped set up the Java Grande forum to encourage use of Java in large-scale computations. He has worked on the computing issues in several application areas – currently focusing on Chemical Informatics, DoD Information systems (3) and Earthquake Science (4). Fox is working with the Minority Serving Institutions in systemic deployment of Cyberinfrastructure. This builds on a long standing interest in parallel computing and other applied computer science interdisciplinary curriculum (5).A major activity has been the use of Grid technologies to build collaboration systems and their application in an integrated approach to synchronous and asynchronous distance education. This includes a Web service framework for audio-video conferencing (6). The Gateway computational portal was one of the earliest computing environments to integrate object and grid technologies. Fox co-chairs both the Semantic Grid and Grid Computing Environment (GCE) research groups of the Grid Forum (GGF) and is a member of the GGF Steering Group. He has designed built a modern information portal - the Online Knowledge Center for the PET program of the DoD HPCMO (High Performance Computing Modernization Office) and is a member of NSF Middleware Initiative OGCE project developing Grid portals. Fox co-edited a book (1)) with 43 chapters on Grid technology. His group has developed NaradaBrokering as an open source messaging system (7, 8) for Grids, Peer-to-peer networks and A/V conferencing. Recently he has been working on the core architecture for Grids (2) and e-Science in a major collaboration with the UK core e-Science program and their OMII (Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute).
Publications (selected from over 500 in Computer Science, Computational Science and Physics)
1) "Grid Computing: Making the Global Infrastructure a Reality" edited by Fran Berman, Geoffrey Fox and Tony Hey, John Wiley & Sons, Chicester, England, ISBN 0-470-85319-0, February 2003
2) Malcolm Atkinson, David DeRoure, Alistair Dunlop, Geoffrey Fox, Peter Henderson, Tony Hey, Norman Paton, Steven Newhouse, Savas Parastatidis, Anne Trefethen and Paul Watson.Web Service Grids: An Evolutionary Approach UK e-Science Technical Report July 13 2004 Special Issue on Grid Architecture of Concurrency&Computation: Practice and Experience 17, 377-389 (2005) http://www.nesc.ac.uk/technical_papers/UKeS-2004-05.pdf
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10) Fox, G. C., Messina, P., Williams, R., "Parallel Computing Works!", Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo Ca, 1994.

B.A. in Mathematics from Cambridge Univ., Cambridge, England (1961-1964)
Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University (1964-1967)
M.A. from Cambridge University (1968)

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