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Past ADMI Symposiums:
Oral and Poster Sessions
Students attending the ADMI conference delivered both oral and poster presentations.

Oral Presentations

  • Constance G. Bland, Timothy L. Holston, and Udai Kudikyala, Using Alice to Decrease Attrition in CS1, Mississippi Valley State University
  • Stephen U. Egarievwe and Debbie McCoy, Integrating the ORNL Research Alliance in Math and Science into Minority Education Curricula, Fisk University
  • Hyunju Kim, Virginia Bailey, and Loretta A. Moore, Integration of Open Source Software Development in Computer Science Curriculum, Jackson State University
  • Clement Allen, Infusing Eclipse into the Curriculum, Florida A&M University
  • Jason Montgomery, Usha Chandra, Advisor, An Investigative Visualization Tool for Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Carbon Nanotubes Using RasTop, Florida A&M University
  • Sharhonda Deloach, Loretta A. Moore, Advisor, Steganographic Embedding and Detecting of Data in Mp3 Files, Jackson State University
  • JeRone Gant, Christy Chatmon, Advisor, Security and Privacy Concern for Ubiquituous Applications such as RFIDs, Florida A&M University
  • Octavia Howell, Kayra Hopkins, Tiffany Johnson, Katrina Stewart, Alfred Watkins and Jean-Marie Dimandja, Advisors, Multi-Dimensional Chromatography Informatics, Spelman College
  • Yerusalem Abebe, Deirdre Johnson, Study of Quorum Sensing in Vibrio Fischeri Bacteria Using Hybrid Modeling, Fisk University
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Poster Presentations

  • Jerry Akoula, Christo Dichev, Advisor, Winston-Salem State University
    TM4L: Creating a Topic Map Editor to Enhance Research -- for Teaching and Researching Topic
  • Tisha Brown, Mississippi Valley State University
    Robotics: Correcting Boe-Bot’s Errors by Trial Installation
  • James Byrd, Prathap Basappa, Michael L. Williams and Krish Agarwal, Norfolk State University
    Use of EKG as a Biometric Identification Tool
  • Keshia Clarke, Charles Hardnet, Advisor, Spelman College
    Peak-Finding Algorithms for Coherent Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy
  • Jermaine Hemby, Elva Jones, Advisor, Winston-Salem State University
    Developing a Geographic Information System for Simulating City Bus Movement
  • Abel Mejias, Prathap Basappa, Michael L. Williams and Krish Agarwal, Norfolk State University
    Classification of Geo-Spatial Images by Computation of Orientation Energies of Steerable Filters and Steerable Wedge Detectors
  • Glenn V. Nickens, University of the District of Columbia
    Student Advising System
  • Jesse Owens, Aaron Jordan, Shavonne DeLoatch, Prathap Basappa, Michael L.
    Williams and Krish Agarwal
    , Norfolk State University
    Iris Recognition Systems
  • Samuel B. Pyne, Bhanu Prasad, Advisor, Florida A & M University
    A Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Recommending Products in B2C E-Commerce
  • Andrea Roberson, Charles Hardnett, advisor, Spelman College
    Virtual WiFi Performance Metrics
  • Amber Williams, Mississippi Valley State University
    Alice Demonstration: A Freshman Perspective
  • K. Estes, William Oblitey, Advisor and Ahmad Woodard, Gail Finley, Advisor, Indianna University of Pennsylvania and University of the District of Columbia
    Preparing for Network Security Research, Building a VPN System
  • Mallory Clark, Rodney Wright, Gerine Staten, Prathap Basappa,
    Michael L. Williams, Krish Agarwal
    , Norfolk State University
    Content Based Image Analysis of Aerial Photographs for Defense Applications