The CI-TEAM Management Team is composed of the Dr. Linda Hayden-PI, Dr. Geoffrey Fox and Dr. Prasad Gogineni-Co-PIs, a Science team, a Technology team, and an Education and Outreach team. Members of the Science, Technology and Education/Outreach teams are representatives from the partner institutions and organizations with the necessary expertise in their fields to ensure the success of this project.

Management Team

Responsible for the on-going coordination of project activities and associated tasks. The Management Team ensures that project goals and objectives are met and helps to develop progress reports to the Advisory Board and NSF as required. Responsibilities of the Science, Education and Technology teams are listed below with the affiliations for all team members.

Technology Team

Responsible for installation and maintenance of virtual classroom and GRID. Team members include ECSU, MSI C(I)2 and KU representatives.

Science Team

Responsible for GRID sensor and satellite data content. Team members include CReSIS representatives.

Education Team

Responsible for virtual classroom content. Team members include ECSU, CReSIS, IU, SDSC, and ADMI representatives.