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Campus Cyberinfrastructure Days is a collaboration between the EDUCAUSE, Internet2, MSI-CIEC, Open Science Grid, and TeraGrid projects. The goal of Campus CyberInfrastructure (CI) Days is an exchange of information and understanding of cyberinfrastructure needs and opportunities between leaders of universities (university office, research faculty and IT organizations) and leading national cyberinfrastructure programs. EDUCAUSE, Internet 2, Open Science Grid and TeraGrid, are collaborating and working together towards a common and comprehensive approach to effectively plan and support the needs of Campuses for shared cyberinfrastructure.

Meeting with the Chancelor
1x1 On January 3 of the CI Days @ ECSU, representatives met with Chancellor Willie Gilchrist to discuss cyberinfrastructure at ECSU. Participants included starting at the top left: Chancellor Gilchrist, Dr. Margery Coulson-Clark, Dr. Geoffrey Fox, Mr. Russ Hobby, Dr. Andrea Lawrence, Dr. Linda Hayden, Dr. Alex Ramirez, Mr. Karl Barnes, Mr. Anothony Adade. Not picture: Mr. Mike Rice, Mr. John Killigrew, Dr. Ronald Blackmon 1x1

This two day event was held in conjunction with the Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) Faculty Institute. Visiting guests were given tours of the IT facilities and presentations of current research efforts taking place at ECSU on the first day of the event. The following presentations were made:

  • ADMI Cyberinfrastructure Project Involvement (A. Lawrence)
  • Exploring East Antarctic Ice Sheet History and Lithospheric Structure of Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains (M. LeCompte)
  • Antarctic Temperature Mapping Project (M. LeCompte)
  • Modeling and Simulation of a Mobile Robot for Polar Environments (E. Akers)
  • Establishment of an Expedition Grid Consisting of Ruggedized Laptops in a Polar Field Grid Linked to a Low Power Multi-core Base Camp Cluster (E. Akers)
  • Building the PolarGrid Portal, Workflow and Grid (Web) Services to make the Data, Data Products, and Resources Easily Accessible to the Polar Research Community (M. Wang)
  • PolarGrid Summer 2008 Green Field Season Data Briefing (C. Leuschen)

Meeting with the Chancelor
1x1 Representatives met in the Cyberinfrastructure Lab in Lane Hall to discuss current research efforts at ECSU and upcoming summer research. The University of Kansas presented on the upcoming research in Greenland via teleconference and Dr. Andrea Lawrence presented The Association of Computer/Information Sciences and Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI) participation in the on-going recruitment and training of minority students into the cyberinfrastructure/polar research field. 1x1

The second day encompassed presentations and breakout sessions for the faculty at ECSU. Chancellor Willie Gilchrist welcomed the guests and faculty while Anthony Adade - ECSU CIO, Michael Rice - ECSU Sponsored Programs, and Alex Ramirez - MSI CI Empowerment Coalition (MSI-CIEC) introduced the agenda for the day (Agenda in Powerpoint Format). (more photos from Day 2)

Presenters, Day 2
Presenters from day 2 of CI Days @ ECSU (left to right)
Dr. Linda Hayden, Mr. Russ Hobby, Mr. John McGee, Dr. Geoffrey Fox, Ms. Laura McGinnis, Mr. Anthony Adade, Dr. Robert Panoff, Dr. Alex Ramirez, Dr. Dali Wang

  • Welcome - Chancellor Gilchrist
  • ECSU vision, CI and Strategic Opportunities - Provost Blackmon
  • Cyberinfrastructure Overview
    - Geoffrey C. Fox, Community Grids Lab, Indiana University & MSI-CIEC
    - Powerpoint Presentation
  • Cyberinfrastructure Learning & Education
    - Bob M. Panoff, Shodor Education Foundation
  • Cyberinfrastructure Enabled Science
    - Linda B. Hayden, ECSU & CERSER
    - Powerpoint Presentation
  • Cyberinfrastructure Arts & Humanities
    - Joyce Rudinsky, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill & RENCI
  • Internet2
    - Russ Hobby
    - Powerpoint Presentation 1 - Powerpoint Presentation 2
    - Powerpoint Presentation
  • TeraGrid
    - Laura McGinnis,  Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center
    - Powerpoint Presentation
  • Open Science Grid (OSG)
    - John McGee, Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)
    - Powerpoint Presentation
  • North Carolina Research & Education Network (NCREN)
    - John Killebrew, MCNC
    - Powerpoint Presentation
  • University of North Carolina - Robyn Render/John Smith
  • Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA)
    - Dali Wang
    - Powerpoint Presentation
  • Minority Serving Institutions Cyberinfrastructure Empowerment Coalition (MSI-CIEC)
    - Richard Alo, Center for Computational Sciences & Advanced Distributed Simulation, University of Houston-Downtown


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